See This Fake Omega Speedmaster Mark II Watch

The great part about this fake Omega Mark II right here is that the dial, the case, the bracelet and pretty much everything you see on the outside match the original 1 on 1. It’s a really good clone from this point of view and a cool new watch but an older vintage model if you think of it. It’s been around since the ’70s now but even so this baby looks spot on and very up to date.

This model has a scratch-resistant mineral crystal and an elegant black dial with a date window at the 3 o’clock position. You will notice its arrow head shaped hands which seem to be a very successful merge of the Omega Broad Arrow and the very distinctive Aqua Terra hands.



Also, the markers and hands are luminescent allowing you to easily tell the time even in the dark. The unidirectional rotating divers’ bezel is mounted on a 42 mm stainless steel case on a black leather band with orange stiches.

This watch is definitely suited for an elegant person and we can see both on the replica and on the original brand how well it manages to bring out simplicity and combine it with high tech features.

The best part about the Orange Omega Speedmaster Mark II replica watch is that it has a beautiful orange ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel and quite robust buttons and pushers. The latter ones are decorated with orange discs that match the color of the bezel. When comparing the replica watch with the genuine one, we observe that the look of the bezel is very similar, but the buttons are very different. These are considerably smaller and thinner, thus looking fake.

There is no watch out there as modern, chic and functional as the Omega Speedmaster Mark II. Its impressive history recommends it as the perfect choice for those who adore timeless beauty.

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Fake TAG Heuer Link Automatic Chronograph Watch

The TAG Heuer Link Automatic Chronograph is a truly excellent replica watch, and I don’t say that often. It’s up there with the Bentley I almost bought but didn’t since I had a Breitling already- so I went TAG instead. I’ve never actually owned a TAG Heuer – or rather a TAG Heuer replica. In fact, I’ve never had a watch with a blue face at all come to think of it. It’s a dashing look I have to say, bright, bold, beaming.

The band is made from the same solid 440 stainless steel and has a very nice finishing. It doesn’t feel light or cheap. It has just the right weight. It features the specific Carrera mix of brushed and thin polished links.


This style of band is available exclusively for the Carrera watch collection. It should never be placed on a different type of Tag Heuer watch. The folding clasp also looks authentic and is decorated with the correct Tag Heuer markings.

This TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 is one of the watches that easily incorporate well designed masculine elements with a good modern touch to it. You will easily notice that this watch looks very high tech and that’s also a feature given by the very modern strap it has. It comes with nice red and white accents on a black background, making it stand out without being too flashy.

This Tag Heuer replica may simple be one of these diamond in the tough replica watches that is nearly perfect in every way. I wonder what it says though about TAG that the replica houses got this one so right, when after over a hundred attempts at the Rolex Submariner, there are still gaping holes in the watch. Either TAG isn’t as complex as I think, or there’s something sinister going on in the replica watch world!


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Replica Diamond Hours Daydate Watch

The Rolex Day-Date is a watch with an impressive legacy. Many people refer to it as Rolex „President” or „Presidential”. This noble title has been built throughout the years due to its association with many of the US Presidents who have chosen to wear this magnificent timepiece on their wrist. There is no question that the Day-Date is the absolute Rolex watch, a symbol of wealth and power. It is one of the most desired timepieces of all time and certainly the most recognizable one.


Light might not be the best in the screencap but I can assure you that you’ll get all the good angles and details on this fake Rolex Day-Date watch in the video below. It’s one of the most simple design and looks replica Rolex you can get while still acting the part and being very very close to the original.

Mind you that this piece comes in white gold as an originals as all the Day-Dates come in precious materials. Not sure if you knew this before but now you do so act accordingly meaning dress up to accessorize this watch.

The only reason why I placed it at it is that it’s a bit on the light side. Would have liked it a bit more heavy and it would have felt 100% real but then again this piece of information is mostly available to the owner. It’s looks really good though from all angles and has all the right Rolex elements in place. Two-tone brushed and polished bracelet do the trick as well. Check out the full Rolex Day-Date photo review in the link.

After a very close inspection, I have to admit that this Rolex Day-Date clone is a very well made replica. Indeed, it is not crafted from real gold and the magnifying lens has a slightly different shape, but unless you have $25,000-$30,000 to spare I would definitely recommend buying one instead of the original watch.

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Find Your Own Fake Rolex Datejust Watch

The Rolex DateJust is such an outstanding design. It is both simple and complex. Its appearence is the one of a simple watch with just a few stylish embellishments while its internals are truly complex sustaining a very accurate timepiece that was created to show time perfectly.

One of my favorite models is the DateJust with silver dial, diamond hour markers and plain smooth silver bezel. This particular Rolex focuses all its aesthetics efforts on the face of the watch. Everything else is designed and constructed as to enclose and enhance this superb dial.


I think that this is pretty much an unisex model because it’s a medium case. It’s one of the classic and very stylish pieces that’s for sure and you have to like simple smaller dial fake watches to really get interested in this one. It’s one of those watches that you can just slam on the hand all day, every day, for any occasion or no occasion or anything at all.

It’s a good quality Japanese self-winding automatic movement under the dial. Keeps time well and precise and sweeps the seconds hand nicely so no worries of getting busted for it. Date clicks nicely too and the hack mechanism trips the seconds hand when setting the time just like on the real watch. I’m finding Japanese movements to be the most reliable and accessible price-wise so they’re always my number 1 recommendation.

The Datejust collection is so vast and spans throughout Rolex’s existence as a brand that keeping track of what models they made and under what combinations were the presented throughout the years is a tough deal. This is one of the reasons which make this an easy pass for an original.

All the details are in place and the cool dial takes a lot of attention away from the small details while putting it in the spotlight. It’s definitely a more fun piece to wear than your regular simple Datejust but this all depends on each and every one’s preferences. Check out some more pics and let me know what you think of it.

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Breitling Bentley Motors Replica Watch

I got a good pic of it above, looks like a magazine shot from my amateur home studio made out of a white piece of plastic. Does the trick never the less and it does look good, the watch has a good weight and posture on the hand and it does look legit form my point of view. You’ll get to see in the video review below all the angles and details on it so let’s move to the inside, the movement that’s fitted in this Breitling replica watch.


For instance, the Bentley Motors are a little bit off. The silver color of the small dials is more shiny and tacky on the imitation watch, plus the markers are less visible than the ones on the original model. The small hands are also in a different color and shape. Oh, and let’s not forget that the markers from the sub-dials are totally off. On the genuine product, the counter from 6 o’clock says 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12, the one from 9 o’clock says 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 80 and the one from 12 o’clock says 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 whereas on the fake it says at 6 o’clock 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24, at 9 o’clock 05, 06, 07, 08, 09 and 10 and at 12 o’clock it says 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12. The hour, minutes and seconds hands are also different.

On the real Superocean the hour and minutes hands are split in two luminescent sections and the seconds hand has a red tip while on the replica the hands have a different shape, the hour and minute ones have only one long luminescent coating section and the seconds hand has no red tip.

This Breitling replica is powered by a Japanese self-winding movement, doing its job pretty well. It’s very accurate, keeping almost perfect time and the power reserve is more than sufficient.
Not all subdials of this Breitling Bentley Speed replica are functional. The only one that does work is the one located at 6 o’clock and gives you the military time (GMT function), but I still say this is a killer watch and you can’t really expect much more from a reasonably cheap Breitling replica.
The dial is a killer in this case. And I also like the fake Breitling Bentley Motors T brushed bezel a lot. It’s another different style for the replica Breitling just because of that small detail. This is definitely one of the best Breitling replica watch I’ve reviewed on my blog. Click on the link to check out the full photo review on this replica Breitling Bentley Motors T fake watch.

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Fake Breitling Bentley Motors Watch

It’s good to have a big family and to end up having some of my cousins having the same passion as I do. This is one of the reasons I get to show you today this Breitling replica. It’s a Breitling Bentley Motors fake watch that one of my cousins just got. Fake Breitling watches have been his to go pieces lately and I’m glad I have someone close that can help out put new articles like this one on my fake watches review blog.

The Bentley models are without a doubt Breitling’s most popular pieces so I’m glad I get to show you a replica Breitling watch that might be in your top search list.


How do you like the looks on this fake Breitling piece!? I for one am really proud of my cousin. He totally nailed it this time! Watch looks great and as real as it can be, specially with that blue dial that just kills it and makes it look like a special edition piece.

This clearly is a killer Breitling replica, I’m sure you’ll agree and judging for the comments I received in such a short time span for the video review, you guys clearly do. It’s nice and heavy, it looks and feels extremely solid, and you can’t ask more of the rose gold finished stainless steel case. This Breitling Bentley replica probably looks familiar, and I’ll tell you why. It’s a version of perhaps the most popular Breitling Bentley replica, but the rose gold finish gives it a brand new persona. The bezel, pushers and crown are spot-on and so is the black leather strap, it goes so well with the rose gold case and black dial.

Movement is Japanese automatic self-winding with a power reserve of over 24 hours so ideal for an everyday piece. Easy to accessorize too and yes, I do see this one as an everyday piece more than anything. Seconds hand sweeps nicely and the date window is good too. The 3 and 9 o’clock chornos are just for show but other than that the dial is all good and the insides as well.

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Fake Panerai Luminor Black Ceramic Watch

There’s nothing like a simple Panerai Luminor replica watch that can be easily passed for an original. Maybe a replica Panerai Radiomir watch can beat that but to be honest with you I like my Luminor fake watches better. They’re usually that simple and easily cloned right but every now and then you can get a different looking piece like this ceramic imitation case for example.

This is my first ceramic imitation Panerai Luminor fake watch and I have to say that the matte case looks amazing.Great matte ceramic finish on a stainless steel coated case. Black dial is the simple Luminor Marina series with a small sweeping seconds hand at 9’oclock.


Yes, the seconds hand sweeps nicely and it’s powered by a manually winded Japanese automatic movement that you can see through the open back case. Mid-size case and such a simple wear. Power reserve is around 24 hours so it will need daily winding if worn on a daily basis. It makes a good everyday wear if you’re more stylish and casual because that green double sided leather strap will require some matching.


The movement on the original is a Minerva 13-22 movement. It has been connected with Panerai since the 1920s. On this replica, the movement quality is Swiss, and the type is Kinetic. The precision is higher on the Swiss watches, and I noticed this once I got my first Swiss, not too long ago. That’s when I decided to add some more Swiss quality timepieces to my wrist watches for men collection, especially if I truly like the model. Luckily, since this watch is automatic, I don’t need to wind it. During the past week, when I wore it, I didn’t notice it to loose time.
I’m a huge fan of fake Panerai watches by now and I invite you to read some of my Panerai replica watches reviews because I’m sure you’ll get they idea of why I like them. This is a cool new piece and a fun and unique wear for sure. The quality is there no doubt about it and it’s so very easy to pass for an original because Panerai is the kind of brand where strap colors vary so much and lately the looks and materials used for the cases exploded as well so matching them and knowing precisely what’s original and what’s not is almost impossible.

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Tag Heuer Carrera Caliber 6 Replica Watch

Catching up quick on this Tag Heuer replica watch review and thanks again to my uncle and his brand new Tag Heuer Carrera Caliber 6 fake watch the photo review comes in way sooner. The easiest and best bullet-proof recommendations when it comes to Tag replica watches and most fake watches brands for that matter is: get the most simple and clean pieces. They’re usually cheaper too as originals and they’ll fit right in without a problem.


Here we have a replica of this amazing watch and it needs to be added that this is a well-made replica. From the first glance to even a more thorough analysis the replica manages to fool even a watch connoisseur.

The Tag Heuer Carrera Caliber 6  replica has the same beautiful polished hands, the amazing finish on the bezel and an accurate tachymeter that can actually be used.  Also, the comfortable bracelet provides the same feeling as the original watch together with the same design.  The fact that the watch comes with a bracelet provides the wearer the liberty to use the watch for elegant but also for more casual outfits. The oversized screw in crown will also provide the same style as the one on the original, making this watch again a well-crafted accessory.

u23796699503675168685fm15gp0 u40354661721516652274fm15gp0

However, although this replica is good, there are still differences that set it apart from the original. There are in total three differences between the two watches and the first one is the brand logo on the top. On the original watch the logo is clearly visible and very well defined, but on the replica watch it looks a bit different. The edges are not as well defined and the design inside is definitely not as clear. The second difference we can notice is on the minute and hour hands; the hands are completely white on the original watch making a beautiful contrast with the black background.

However, on the replica watch, the hands are half white and half black from the middle to where they connect. This difference could be noticed by someone who knows well this particular model. Also, the third difference is on the seconds hand that features a nice interesting orange design. On the original watch, the arrow on the seconds hand is more elongated while on the replica watch is shorter and stubbier. In the end, these differences could be pretty hard to spot by someone who is not a connoisseur.

It’s a simple and fun casual piece. Easy to accessorize being black on black and I know most of us like it like that. The Tag Huere Carrera Calibre 6 fake watch is not on the most popular and wanted list so walking around with one of these babies on the hand makes it easy to pass for an original because not a lot of people are familiar with the simple and clean design.

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Hublot Big Bang Luna Rossa Replica Watch

The beautiful limited edition Hublot Big Bang Luna Rossa is definitely a great accessory to wear and an amazing sight to those who love high end watches. The watch comes with a 44 mm ceramic dial with Kevlar inserts and only has 1000 pieces available. So if you want to wear this superb watch you will probably need to hurry.


Real treat for the eye, the case has a polished and satin finished look and it’s made out of 18k red gold complementing the rest of the design beautifully. The bezel comes to complete the case as it is made with 18k red gold and its vertical satin finished with 6 h-shaped titanium screws. You will love the way the bezel lugs come in a chocolate color to blend with the overall design and the satin finished gold plated applies with the carbon effect dial are elements that give a magnificent look to the Hublot Big Bang Cappuccino gold.

Before falling in love with this watch you should be aware that it costs a fortune and spending a few salaries on one accessory might not appeal to many people out there. This is why comparisons between the original watches and their replicas are useful as people might choose the latter when they want a high end watch without paying an outrageous sum that is usually asked for these sort of watches.


When you are searching for that sturdy industrial look there might be a small selection of watches to choose from. However, when it comes to high end watches there are a few collections that really stand out from the crowd, especially for an audience that wants something unique.

There are a few reasons why one would choose a Hublot Big Bang Luna Rossa Replica Watch, especially when it comes to how it looks. It has an amazing polished look with a lovely brushed black ceramic and the whole case has an average diameter of 44.5 mm that goes well on most wrists. However, the watch might be a little bit pricey so you will have to think about buying a replica if you want to make sure that you don’t spend a big amount of money.

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Fake Omega Speedmaster Gray Side of the Moon Meteorite

The a-symmetric case with lyre drags, crown protects and tachymeter bezel make you remember it as a “Speedmaster” from 10 meters remove. The consistent Speedmaster Professional in its most fundamental form, with Hesalite precious stone retails for roughly 4300 Euro.

Other than some De Ville Prestige models, you could say that the Moonwatch is consequently a standout amongst the most reasonable Omega watches in the list. In any case, it is additionally a model that is maybe far from the present day 2010s Omega replica watches with their Co-Axial in-house created developments, utilization of earthenware production, hostile to attraction and METAS affirmation.


At the inside of this chronograph watch there is a revolutionary OMEGA Co-Axial calibre 9301, a very accurate and durable mechanism that ensures the smooth functionality of the time, date and chronograph function. Unfortunately, Japanese replicas do not have a working chronograph so from this point of view, it may be best to consider a Swiss movement Fake Omega Speedmaster.


Innovative technology, eye-catching design and a luxurious vibe- these are the main qualities of the Fake Omega Speedmaster. This fashionable design was manufactured by Omega in 19 different versions that offer an impressive diversity of color combinations for both its dial and bracelet. From white dial to blue, black, brown and gold, or from stainless steel band to brown leather strap and pink rose bracelet, these watches manage to appeal to those watches enthusiasts who adore modern and bold timepieces.


The authentic Omega Seamaster has an elegant and shiny scratch resistant sapphire crystal, a refined matte black dial with silver and white contrasting hands, markings and small dials. The distinctive touch is the orange oversized 12 o’clock hour numeral which matches the bezel. Also, between the 4 and 5 o’clock hour markers it features a simple date window. On the other hand, the replica has different style of hour numerals and small dials. The font, thickness and size of the orange 3, 6, 9 and 12 hour markers are totally different while the 3 small chronographs are orange and silver instead of just silver. Furthermore, this Omega Seamaster replica does not have a date window whatsoever.


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