Tag Heuer Carrera Caliber 6 Replica Watch

Catching up quick on this Tag Heuer replica watch review and thanks again to my uncle and his brand new Tag Heuer Carrera Caliber 6 fake watch the photo review comes in way sooner. The easiest and best bullet-proof recommendations when it comes to Tag replica watches and most fake watches brands for that matter is: get the most simple and clean pieces. They’re usually cheaper too as originals and they’ll fit right in without a problem.


Here we have a replica of this amazing watch and it needs to be added that this is a well-made replica. From the first glance to even a more thorough analysis the replica manages to fool even a watch connoisseur.

The Tag Heuer Carrera Caliber 6  replica has the same beautiful polished hands, the amazing finish on the bezel and an accurate tachymeter that can actually be used.  Also, the comfortable bracelet provides the same feeling as the original watch together with the same design.  The fact that the watch comes with a bracelet provides the wearer the liberty to use the watch for elegant but also for more casual outfits. The oversized screw in crown will also provide the same style as the one on the original, making this watch again a well-crafted accessory.

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However, although this replica is good, there are still differences that set it apart from the original. There are in total three differences between the two watches and the first one is the brand logo on the top. On the original watch the logo is clearly visible and very well defined, but on the replica watch it looks a bit different. The edges are not as well defined and the design inside is definitely not as clear. The second difference we can notice is on the minute and hour hands; the hands are completely white on the original watch making a beautiful contrast with the black background.

However, on the replica watch, the hands are half white and half black from the middle to where they connect. This difference could be noticed by someone who knows well this particular model. Also, the third difference is on the seconds hand that features a nice interesting orange design. On the original watch, the arrow on the seconds hand is more elongated while on the replica watch is shorter and stubbier. In the end, these differences could be pretty hard to spot by someone who is not a connoisseur.

It’s a simple and fun casual piece. Easy to accessorize being black on black and I know most of us like it like that. The Tag Huere Carrera Calibre 6 fake watch is not on the most popular and wanted list so walking around with one of these babies on the hand makes it easy to pass for an original because not a lot of people are familiar with the simple and clean design.

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