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Look at the manual of the Watch. The instructions for the mechanical watch are fine. The fake watches is slightly thicker. The left side of the figure is slightly thicker than the right. Apparently the left is a fake shuttle watch. The catalogue of instructions is also noteworthy. The left side of the diagram below is blurry. and the handwriting on the right is clear. Note the right wrist watch is really watch the movement of the watch movement today with thousands of brands of watches. The quality of the movement is different. This includes 2824 authentic movements in Switzerland. Commonly known as the yellow movement, Japan’s 2035 movement, the fake tin-spindle quartz replica watches uses this movement.

The counterfeit mechanical movement uses the USA Pearl Movement and the Japanese original double Lion brand movement. With the pearl movement of Guangzhou is the most inferior counterfeit replica watch. And the middle-grade movement replica watch is the Japanese original double Lion brand movement. When buying a shuttle replica watch, the customer must carefully look at the movement model and movement mark of the Watch. A fake watch movement can be seen from a sign to a fake. Watch the watch magnets from the picture below. The false magnets of the shuttle watch are blurred. Below 200 meters waterproof indicates a slightly blurry display.

Replica watch

The true replica watch on the right is clearly visible. Replica Watch the watch packaging day Shuttle watch will be wrapped with bronzing flannel. and fake watch bronzing flannel handwriting will appear blurred. And the real will be clear and full.

Both of these payments are decorated with Parisian decorations, exquisite contours and a satin-felt effect. Show a good impression.316L Steel. 1.14 Micron Gold plating compared to pure steel. The design of the gold will be more luxurious and exquisite in vision. Look at the side of the replica watch. A fully textured Parisian crest is silhouetted against the satin case. Rendered in place in detail is very beautiful, gilded crown, engraved with the day Shuttle logo “T”.

fake watch

Give the wrist replica watch brand proprietary identification design. Through the back cover, the solar scattering ripple is present. Don’t have fun. The Powermatic 80.811 movement, except for the silicon gossamer, it also has a 80-hour power store. This means that after taking off the replica watch over the weekend. When it was brought in Monday, it remained precise, convenient and reliable, 316L Fine Steel, 1.14 Micron gold plated strap. Perfect integration with the case, carry a butterfly clasp.

It is convenient to wear and remove the replica watch. Summary: Compared with the male. The women’s money is different from the size. The calendar design at 3 o’clock is also different. The men’s standard timescale plus the Calendar display window and the women only have a calendar display window. There is an overall agreement. The details are different in design, whether they are worn separately or in pairs. is a good choice. Addition。 There are many new products are also in sales. If you want to buy a replica watch recently, then you might want to take a look. Choose one.

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