Find Your Own Fake Rolex Datejust Watch

The Rolex DateJust is such an outstanding design. It is both simple and complex. Its appearence is the one of a simple watch with just a few stylish embellishments while its internals are truly complex sustaining a very accurate timepiece that was created to show time perfectly.

One of my favorite models is the DateJust with silver dial, diamond hour markers and plain smooth silver bezel. This particular Rolex focuses all its aesthetics efforts on the face of the watch. Everything else is designed and constructed as to enclose and enhance this superb dial.


I think that this is pretty much an unisex model because it’s a medium case. It’s one of the classic and very stylish pieces that’s for sure and you have to like simple smaller dial fake watches to really get interested in this one. It’s one of those watches that you can just slam on the hand all day, every day, for any occasion or no occasion or anything at all.

It’s a good quality Japanese self-winding automatic movement under the dial. Keeps time well and precise and sweeps the seconds hand nicely so no worries of getting busted for it. Date clicks nicely too and the hack mechanism trips the seconds hand when setting the time just like on the real watch. I’m finding Japanese movements to be the most reliable and accessible price-wise so they’re always my number 1 recommendation.

The Datejust collection is so vast and spans throughout Rolex’s existence as a brand that keeping track of what models they made and under what combinations were the presented throughout the years is a tough deal. This is one of the reasons which make this an easy pass for an original.

All the details are in place and the cool dial takes a lot of attention away from the small details while putting it in the spotlight. It’s definitely a more fun piece to wear than your regular simple Datejust but this all depends on each and every one’s preferences. Check out some more pics and let me know what you think of it.

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