Fake Breitling Bentley Motors Watch

It’s good to have a big family and to end up having some of my cousins having the same passion as I do. This is one of the reasons I get to show you today this Breitling replica. It’s a Breitling Bentley Motors fake watch that one of my cousins just got. Fake Breitling watches have been his to go pieces lately and I’m glad I have someone close that can help out put new articles like this one on my fake watches review blog.

The Bentley models are without a doubt Breitling’s most popular pieces so I’m glad I get to show you a replica Breitling watch that might be in your top search list.


How do you like the looks on this fake Breitling piece!? I for one am really proud of my cousin. He totally nailed it this time! Watch looks great and as real as it can be, specially with that blue dial that just kills it and makes it look like a special edition piece.

This clearly is a killer Breitling replica, I’m sure you’ll agree and judging for the comments I received in such a short time span for the video review, you guys clearly do. It’s nice and heavy, it looks and feels extremely solid, and you can’t ask more of the rose gold finished stainless steel case. This Breitling Bentley replica probably looks familiar, and I’ll tell you why. It’s a version of perhaps the most popular Breitling Bentley replica, but the rose gold finish gives it a brand new persona. The bezel, pushers and crown are spot-on and so is the black leather strap, it goes so well with the rose gold case and black dial.

Movement is Japanese automatic self-winding with a power reserve of over 24 hours so ideal for an everyday piece. Easy to accessorize too and yes, I do see this one as an everyday piece more than anything. Seconds hand sweeps nicely and the date window is good too. The 3 and 9 o’clock chornos are just for show but other than that the dial is all good and the insides as well.

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